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    We offer 24-hour chat support
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    EASUN POWER 5000W Solar Inverter 450Vdc 100A MPPT 6000W PV Power Parallel and Batteryless Support

    5000W Solar Inverter 450Vdc MPPT Parallel Inverter
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    1. Because this inverter is non isolated, only three types of PV modules are acceptable: single
    crystalline, poly crystalline with class A rated and CIGS modules.
    To avoid any malfunction, do not connect any PV modules with possible current leakage to the inverter. For example, grounded PV modules will cause current leakage to the inverter. When using CIGS modules, pleasebe sure NO grounding.
    2.Before connecting to AC in put power source , please install a separate AC breaker between
    inverter and AC input power source . This will ensure the inverter can be securely disconnected during
    maintenance and fully protected from over current of AC input. The recommended spec of AC b reaker is 16A
    for 1.5KW and 32A for 3KW and 5 0A for 5KW
    There are two terminal blocks with “IN” and “OUT” markings. Please do NOT mis connect input
    and output connectors.

    ProductMain Features:

    • Can Working Even Without Battery.

    • 450Vdc PV Input.

    • Can make Parallel operation with Max 9 Units(Parallel kits are not included), Both for 1 Phase & 3 Phase.

    • NEW, Power factor 1.0,   5kva 5000w 48v pure sine wave inverter design.

    • 5000W Pure Sine Wave Output With Up to 2X Surge Max 5 Seconds

    • Built-in100A MPPT Solar Charger, Max Solar Power 6000W

    • Built-in 3-Stage High Efficiency 80ABattery Charger

    • Total System Max Charging:  80A Solar + 80A Utility.

    • Generator Starter Dry Contact

    • Free Monitoring Software

    • Supports LiFePo4 Battery Type (Variable Charging Voltage)

    • Adjustable AC Input Voltage 90~280VAC

    • Supports 50Hz or 60Hz via LCD Program

    • Dual Priority Operation Selectable: AC vs. DC mode

    • Works with48Vdc Battery System Only

    • Works With220~240Vac Load Only

    • Transformerless, light weight design

    • RJ45 Comm port

    • Transfer time <10ms

    • Programmable LCD with menu

    • 24 hour operation

    • Intelligent battery charging control

    • Built-in alarms and protections

    • Suitable for wall mount

    • CE, EMC certified


    Isolar SM II 5K PLUS





    230 VAC

    Selectable Voltage Range

    170-280 VAC (For Personal Computers)

    90-280 VAC (For Home Appliances)

    Frequency Range

    50 Hz/60 Hz (Auto sensing)


    AC Voltage Regulation (Batt. Mode)

    230 VAC ± 5%

    Overload capacity

    5s@≥150% load; 10s@110%~150% load; 100ms @ ≥200% load

    Efficiency (Peak)


    Transfer Time

    10 ms (For Personal Computers)

    20 ms (For Home Appliances)


    Pure sine wave


    Battery Voltage

    48 VDC

    Floating Charge Voltage

    54 VDC

    Overcharge Protection

    66 VDC


    Solar Charger Type


    Maximum PV Array Power

    6000 W

    MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage

    120 ~ 430 VDC

    Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage

    450 VDC

    Maxmum Solar Charge Current

    100 A

    Maximum AC Charge Current

    100 A

    Maximum Charge Current

    100 A


    Dimension, D x W x H (mm)

    120 x 295 x 468

    Net Weight (kgs)


    Communication Interface

    USB and RS232



    5% to 95% Relative Humidity (Non-condensing)

    Operating Temperature

    -10°C to 50°C

    Storage Temperature

    -15°C to 60°C


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