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Easun Power Parallel Pcb Board Parallel Communication Cable

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Parallel card SKU: Parallel-Kits-4K-5K
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This is the required accessory for paralle operation on 48V models of  IGRID-SV-II-5KW IGRID-SV-IV-5.6KW  series inverters.  One parallel kit is required for each unit in a parallel system, so (ex.) if you have have 3*  IGRID-SV-II-5KW IGRID-SV-IV-5.6KW   inverters in parallel, you need 3 parallel kits. 


The parallel kit is suitable for parallelable inverter modle that come from our store.

If your inverter do not come from our store,please contact us before you place an order,Thank you.


Each parallel kit contains a parallel board, a comm cable, and a current sharing cable.

Before setting up a parallel system please make sure:

1.all units you have are of the same software version, or there will be an incompatible error. 
2.all units are in fact "parallel-ready". If you are not sure simply contact us and we can check for you. 
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