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How to connect solar system for EASUN?

How to connect solar system for EASUN?

off grid solar inverter PV rang 120v~450V



  1. First, make sure that all circuit breakers are disconnected.
  2. Connect the AC Grid input line, photovoltaic line, AC output line, and battery

connection line of the inverter in sequence as shown in the figure, and connect firmly.

  1. Close the battery connection circuit breakers
  2. Close the photovoltaic panel connection circuit breakers.
  3. Close the grid input circuit breakers.
  4. Turn on the ON/OFF switches of the inverters.
  5. Check the working status of the inverters in turn to see if the display is normal. If

there is no abnormality, close the output circuit breakers.

The machine is loaded normally and the operation is complete.

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