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What Does Easun Power Solar Inverter Do?

What Does Easun Power Solar Inverter Do?

As previously mentioned, PV inverters are considered the brains of a solar energy system. This is to say, without the solar inverters, the whole system cannot function. Below are a few essential job duties for solar inverters.

1. Convert Direct Current to Alternate Current

This is a solar panel inverter’s basic function that helps create power that is usable in homes and commercial properties.

2. Maximize Power Output

Solar inverters continually keep track of the solar array’s voltage to discover the maximum power at which the modules can function. If modules are degraded, or shading happens from environmental factors, the inverters can unintentionally identify the string’s wrong peak. This reduces the system’s general energy production.

3. Interface with The Grid

New smart inverters have advanced from one-way to two-way communication with the grid, helping with grid-supporting function. Smart inverters can carry out certain grid-supportive functions related to communication, frequency, voltage, and controls, owing to advanced software.

One of these grid-assistance functionalities is the ability to ride through minimal disturbances, such as voltage change. A smart inverter can turn into standby mode in the event of a voltage change and assess how long the disturbance occurs, and switch off if it persists.

4. Report on Power Production

Solar inverters help you to keep track of your solar system’s power output. The latest inverters come with communication capabilities via Wi-Fi, hardware Ethernet, or Bluetooth. With their technology, you can view the error codes, power reduction data, and diagnostics from inverters on their dedicated smartphone apps or computers.

5. Ensure Safe System Operation

Solar inverters are required to switch off in case of an electric arc, which is possible due to material degradation and system aging. Inverters are programmed to spot these arcs, but research has discovered that not all inverters will do effectively. EASUN POWER inverters are among the top performers that will ensure safe system operation.

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