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What is ESS (Energy Storage System)?

What is ESS (Energy Storage System)?

What is ESS?

Recently, many distribution customers have been inquiring, and it seems that many traders who have never been in contact with the solar industry have participated.

Let us take a brief look at it today:

ESS is the abbreviation of Energy Storage System, literally translated as energy storage system.
The function of the energy storage system is simply to store electric energy, but the usage scenarios and the logic behind it are actually the entire power system, so it is very troublesome to explain clearly.

The central idea is: the power generated every second must be exactly the same as the power consumed every second. This problem is difficult to control but must be controlled. If the control is not good, the entire power system will collapse. The solar energy storage photovoltaic system is to help people solve this problem. Through the storage of excess energy, the rigidity of the power system becomes one. A kind of flexibility, so that the power consumption of the whole family and industry is more stable, and it can better solve emergency power consumption or not affect our normal life when the local power grid is out of power.

(Household solar power generation, electricity storage, resale, and reuse of ESS Devices)
Regarding the European market of such products, Enery Storage (ESS) and solar power generation (Chinese products, solar inverter, hybrid solar inverter, lithium battery and solar panel are popularized and active) are gradually being promoted around the world, so we can accurately introduce household solar energy Power generation, power storage, resale, and reuse of ESS Devices to customers have become essential skills for sellers.
As more and more merchants enter this industry, the competition will be fiercer.

Therefore, it is an inevitable condition for professional sellers not only to be able to deliver goods quickly, but also to help customers with tax exemption and provide competitive prices.
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